Glide Fins are handcrafted fins of the highest quality, working with some of the greatest surfers, designers and shapers in the world.



Check out our range of premium quality, handcrafted fibreglass fins, that are designed by surfers and shapers. We offer an epic catalogue of fins of all shapes and sizes, from single fins, thrusters, quads and keels to big wave and tow fins. Our diverse array of fins are made to ensure that we have you covered for all wave sizes and surf craft types.

Featured Fins

This is where you will see our latest designs and featured fins. We are constantly working with surfers and shapers to design new fins, with the goal of discovering a new feeling when riding the face of a wave.


Creating fins is our passion and surfing is our life, so we like to talk about like minded individuals and share their experiences. This is where you will find the latest stories from our community.