Our Story

Glide Fins is a classic story of the essence of surf culture, and what being a surfer still means to many of us today. It has never been about big signs and big profits, and it never will be. It is a brand fuelled on passion, knowledge and a true respect for the ocean and the craft of making fins.
Glide Fins is the work of lifelong enthusiast John Ayton. A sailor from the day he was born, John’s love and connection with the ocean was formed from a very young age. Fittingly, this led him on a lifetime journey of surfing. A journey that continues to evolve, inspire and excite.
John’s extensive knowledge of fins and fin dynamics was engrained early on from his work and experience of building oceangoing yachts. He applied this knowledge in the mid 70s and began crafting fins for himself and friends, when the need for more sophisticated designs became a necessity with the evolution of the shortboard.
Today, working with some of the most influential surfers and shapers on the planet, Glide Fins upholds an un-compromised commitment to providing quality hand foiled, fibreglass fins. A commitment that stands in contrast to mass-produced moulded fins.
– Glide Fins –

Johnny & Mark

Materials & The Making

All our fins, customs and new fin templates are made in Torquay and tested by the surfers and shapers that design them before production.
Glide Fin´s are only available in the highest quality layered fiberglass and are hand finished, no moulds, no plastic.

We have been working with a small family owned factory in China for over a decade and proudly stand by the quality.