Vouch Series

VOUCH was created out of necessity in 2007. Fed up with the stagnant state of surfing and surfboards at the time, Evan had Paul Hutchinson shape him a batch of Displacement Hulls (sub 7 foot, rolled bottom entry, slight concave through the fins and special rails throughout) to feed his curious mind. He has never looked back and now Evan and Paul design every board together from Paul’s extensive knowledge from over 50 years of shaping and his amazing array of templates.

We have spent countless hours together surfing, testing, finely tuning his fins in a wide range of conditions and locations.

Originally started as a personal board program, it has slowly grown into a Multi-National Production now available in over 6 countries. It is a real deal surf company, purely focusing on the design and manufacture of surfboards, and has a local team of shredders on hand at all times in Byron Bay to test out any new ideas. Vouch has never conformed to any one person’s idea of what surfing or surfboards should be, and surfers get that.

hello@vouchsurf.com | +61 266 856 896